The project is run by the Think Tank Mandag Morgen in collaboration with the Danish National Center for Vocational Education and Training on behalf of the Nordic Council of Ministers in the period 2023-2025. To make the Nordics more sustainable and connected, we need to strengthen Vocational Education and Training (VET). VET is key for equipping young people with the skills necessary for a greener future. That’s why Think Tank Mandag Morgen and the Danish National Center for Vocational Education and Training are carrying out the Futureproofing VET project on behalf of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

The project will engage Nordic youth in discussions on how to encourage greater participation in VET and how education can support well-being and inclusion. To do this we’ll host youth workshops (Nordic Youth Relays) across the region together with local partners. Our goal is to gather youth perspectives and insights on education and well-being and link these with the political discussions on the challenges facing VET. To further include youth voices we are also establishing a youth panel (Nordic Youth Sounding Board) to share their insights and perspectives on project results and to help facilitate the Nordic Youth Relays.

We also plan to showcase successful VET programs that focus on green skills and conduct study tours and invite policymakers and experts to learn from these examples.

The findings from the relays, best practice cases, and study tours will culminate in a comprehensive report with suggestions on how to make VET future-ready in the Nordics and in a variety of events.


Rapid global changes, including environmental shifts and a well-being crisis among youth, demand a reevaluation of how to maintain our societal welfare and sustainability. The Nordic job market is feeling the impact of these global shifts, with a looming skilled labor shortage, especially in sectors essential for environmental sustainability. Many young people are also disconnected from education and training opportunities.

VET is central to addressing these issues and for preparing the workforce and our young people to meet these challenges and to support a good life. However, VET’s future is challenged by negative perceptions, and low enrollment and completion rates. By tackling these issues, we can support the green transition and improve youth engagement.

We must shift from viewing these challenges through the lens of experts and policymakers and instead prioritize the voices and ideas of the Nordic youth, fostering inspiring conversations across borders.

The Nordic Council of Ministers

The Nordic Council of Ministers is the official body for inter-governmental co-operation in the Nordic Region. All work is currently governed by the Prime Ministers’ vision that the Nordic region is to become the most sustainable and integrated region in the world by 2030. Nordic collaboration within education and research, among other, focuses on creating avenues for both young individuals and adults to initiate and successfully finish educational programs. A current focus area is to ensure sufficient skilled workers for the green transition.

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About The Think Tank Monday Morning 

Nordic think tank providing agenda-setting thought leadership and innovative solutions to societal problems through independent research, collaboration, and knowledge dissemination. We bring together decision-makers, experts, and citizens to craft new ideas and address the big issues, challenges, and opportunities facing the Nordic welfare societies and its citizens.

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About the Danish National Center for Vocational Education and Training

National research and education center located at Copenhagen University College with a focus on didactics, pedagogy and educational frameworks in vocational education and training with +40 years of experience with practice development, co-creation, action learning and development labs. Participates in several international networks in the field of VET.

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Sara Flint
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