The world is changing faster than ever and in big ways that challenge the sustainability and cohesion of our societies. Issues like climate change, low levels of youth well-being and marginalization all call for societal transformation. An important part of this transformation concerns the education and training of young people and adults. 

Vocational education and training (VET) play a key role in this transformation. Many of the skills needed to make the green transition a reality, are taught and learned through VET. Bettering our VET and secondary education in general can also help support youth well-being and give more opportunities by creating inclusive environments for young people to thrive in.  

But, the future of VET faces complex challenges, including negative social discourses and lack of attractive school environments, resulting in low student recruitment and completion rates across the Nordics. Challenges that, if addressed properly, can accelerate the green transition, empower young people and expand their future opportunities. This is why the Nordic Council of Ministers has commissioned the Think Tank Monday Morning together with the Danish National Center for Vocational Education and Training to futureproof VET in a way that translates the experienced realities of young people into actionable solutions.

Nordic Youth Relays – youth workshops to explore, discuss and share ideas on how to strengthen VET in the Nordics.

Nordic Youth Sounding Board – youth advisory board to support the project group and qualify insights generated.

Green VET cases – best-practice examples of upskilling programs for the green transition.

Study trips – dissemination of best-practice cases and youth perspectives to Nordic policy makers.

Knowledge generation – reports and analyses based on insights aand documentation from workshops, cases and study trips.